About the company

Design Philosophy

Since 1992, Serena Fox Design Company (SFDC) has partnered with clients to create successful branding, communications and packaging solutions for clients that include publishers, food producers, non-profits, educational institutions, and corporations.

SFDC supports contemporary design thought: good design is good business. Furthermore, good design has the power to improve our world. It delivers economic, ecological, social and cultural benefits to all people, improves our quality of life and creates optimism and happiness. These are principles that have been widely agreed to by designers who understand their global and interdependent role in building sustainable, human-centered, creative societies.

Every project is unique—and requires different skill sets and design tools. We revisit design history and theory while embracing popular styles and trends; consider principles, theories and psychology; weigh and balance art, type, color and message. We have a successful track record of delivering projects of varied form and style—on time andwithin budget.

Brand and identity are the personality of a business. They are what attract and maintain customers. They contain the energy that make your products and your enterprises flourish. We believe that if you want your brand to succeed, you should enjoy building it. So we make sure we bring positive energy to the entire process.

Good design. Good business. Good energy.