I just got home from A Taste of Woodstock where I sampled your Iced wine. It was by far the most interesting and refreshing product offered at the event. I plan to purchase your product, but that is not the reason I am e-mailing you. I wanted to compliment you on your small brochure which I just finished reading and spending some time with. Every aspect of it is done incredibly well — concept, copy, typography, graphics. As a former Creative Director for most of New England’s larger Ad Agencies, I don’t run into many promo brochure executions I feel compelled to sit down and write about. Congrats to all involved.

Paul Regan
Customer letter to Eden Ice Wine

So many people complemented the packaging and could not say enough good things about it!!!  It’s a success!!! You’re the best!!!!  Thanks for your support and enthusiasm. It makes a world of difference to have people cheering you on giving positive feedback!! I think we work really well together, that is not always easy to find and I am really grateful to have found you.  It takes two to tango so thanks for all your input and ideas.

Jovial King, Owner
Urban Moonshine

I really can’t thank you enough for your exceptional work, flexibility, creativity, and professionalism throughout this process. If I say it a thousand times it will not be enough:  you are a joy to work with and you make everyone on the team excited to be working on the project.  This is priceless.  You’re a superstar. Thank you!

Peter Nielsen, Executive Director of Marketing & Enrollment
Vermont College of Fine Arts